Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New York 360 GigaPans in HD View

I took a recent trip to NYC (my first) and brought the GigaPan robot along to shoot some of what I saw there.  Below you will find embedded versions of these high resolution 360 spherical images in Microsoft's HD View player.  You will need to install the HD View player to explore, but it is quick and painless, I promise.  Once you're set, follow these quick instructions for truly immersive experience:

1. Click on the grid icon in the upper right hand corner to change from a rectangular to a spherical projection

2. Click on the fullscreen icon to go to fullscreen mode

3. Use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom way in or way out on the image, which should buffer hi res tiles in moments.

The Great Hall @ Ellis Island

Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge

The "World Trade Center Mosque" Editorial

The Sphere @ Battery Park

Bethesda Fountain @ Central Park

Thomas Paine Park @ NY Supreme Court

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