Friday, July 24, 2009

360° Video with Custom Built Players - Imatronics Interactive Video

•Transform your video files into compelling multimedia presentations
•Control what you view and how you view it - in full motion, vivid color and rich sound
•Navigate your video with full pan, tilt and zoom controls
•Use any video files you have. Use any standard or panoramic video camera you have. Use any spherical video system you have
•Add captivating motion effects to your interactive video virtual tours
•Create your entire interactive video virtual tour in just one step -- simply open your video file and all the rest is automatically taken care of for you
•Save tons of time and money. Focus on the creative aspects of your work
•Select from a very wide variety of spectacular transtion effects and/or create your very own transition effects
•Play your interactive video presentations anywhere on the Internet. Reach the widest possible audience
•Burn your packages to CD/DVD-ROM. The "autorun" feature permits you to instantly immerse yourself in the exciting new world of interactive video as soon as you insert your interactive video package into your computer
•Share your creations by e-mail, web, CD/DVD-ROM, self-contained multimedia presentations or export them for stylish viewing in the stand-alone OmniViewer
•Create and distribute as many packages as you like. NO KEYS. NO ROYALTIES
•Leverage the power of automated and user-activated multimedia popup windows with movies, pictures, text, 3D visualizations and animations to create the most engaging multimedia experiences
•Save time and money by using visual high-speed batch processing to design compelling multimedia experiences
•Package your interactive video tours in attractive, fully customizable cute skins with dynamic resizing capability
•Use the integrated professional Cute Skin Editor to create, edit and manage your cute skins
•Interactive Video is great value. Enjoy these and many other great features

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